Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A sample of love

My burn is getting better.  Fairly quickly.  Tomorrow marks two weeks, and it's looking great.  Just a little discolored, and a little horn of touch flesh on top of my knuckle.  Little pain, almost full range of movement, and only minor signs of scarring.  I love that I heal well from burns.

Anyway, one of my coworkers was looking at it Monday, and said it was looking good, but that I should poke my old man with it, and be all "Look what I have to go through."  Basically, be agressive to him for no reason.  I take my finger back and say, "No, he kiss better."

And that absolutely stunned my coworker.  He had clearly fallen into the sterotypical, expected in the media, kind of man, even with his own wife, and didn't realize men can be good, and compassionate, and care for their woman.

Because every time I'v knocked my finger against something, or it's ached, or peeled, or it's just been ugly, my love has been there to give me kisses.  Hell, he was there within seconds when it happened, because he felt my pain. 

Not the kind of man to grunt and watch football and not care about my pain.

On top of that, we all went out to eat Monday night.  I had a big piece of prime rib, and was struggling to cut it.  One, because they didn't give us steak knives.  Two, because I still can't put pressure on the first knuckle.  Meaning I couldn't hold a knife right.  Meaning it sucked.  Without me asking, he motioned for my plate and cut my steak for me.

That is love.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Steven pounced on my father, giving a battle cry.  The night trembled with his effort, discordant sounds echoing his call.  The air shifted, distorting his form, adding a demonic appearance.  I didn't think he'd ever looked so savage.

Besedie moved only his eyes.  Air particles hardened to a diamondine wall, halting Steven's progress.  The youth grunted as he hit, his distortion corrupting my father's wall.

Steven lunged back, cracking Besedie's protection.  The ground erupted with barbed tentacles, lashin at the Setian.  My father took several steps back, unable to freeze Steven's creations before he took several wounds.

They traded blows back and forth, embodying the rival forces.  Order and Chaos could gain control for a moment, but they could never defeat the other.  They needed each other.  The universe needed them.

And that's why balance existed.

Dismantling Besedie's prison was difficult for a new mage, but I worked at it methodically.  Brick by brick, as it were.  Battling with Steven, my father never noticed I was escaping.

It became easier as I progressed.  Awareness of the power tides came to me.  Everything from the whisper of growing plants, to the hum of the earth, to the dance of the stars above.  Every erg of energy spoke to me, called to me, begged me to use it.  What use was power if it wasn't being used?

Dawn approached, the sun creeping up behind me.  The blazing ball of hydrogen and fusion would soon be here.  Far flung photons came to me, curling up under my control.

And neither man noticed.

The hamlet lay in ruins.  Cottages were tumbled over, gardens uprooted, the lane a line of rubble. Smoke and debris hung in midair, caught in stasis.  Dimensional walls rippled, having been damaged in the fight.  Yet Besedie's shields held, trapping us.

"Stop this now," I said softly.  The sun rose above the horizon, carrying the weight of my command.

They stopped, faces revealing their surprise.  Magic left their control, and they stepped away from each other.

"What are you doing?" Besedie asked, staring down his nose.  He'd just been using magic, yet disdained me for it.  Steven just grinned.

"I'm telling you for one final time to leave me alone.  I'll never be your little pet, so stop asking.  Go home.  Leave me and my friends alone."  The air murmured with my statement, the ground rumbling in agreement.

Besedie ground his teeth.  "You are my daughter.  You don't get to dictate my actions."

I smirked, releasing all their magic.  Stasis fields dropped, monstrosities became wood and rock, and time behaved as normal.  "We can do this the hard way if you want."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I really shouldn't have been surprised by my father's appearance, and yet I was.  I glared at the man, angered that he'd stalked me.

Steven stepped between us, laughing.  "Besedie, you are a stubborn guy."

"Silence!"  Besedie's eyes were hard., locked on me as he closed the distance.  "Morgan, step away from the human."


Time paused, and we all stared in amazement.  In the past, I'd never defied my father.  He'd expected me to go back to being "myself".  What a surprise that I wasn't that little Setian girl anymore.

"Too much of your mother in you."  Besedie crossed his arms, a few yards away from us.  "I should never have indulged you."

A chuckle escaped before I could stop it.  "But you did, and here we are.  So, Steven becoming Immortal is, in a way, your own fault."

Taunting might not be the best of ideas, but Besedie wild and out of control should be a Besedie we could beat.  Evidence of his anger appeared, shimmering waves of heat surrounding him.  "Stop this rebellious behavior, and let us return home."  A vein in his temple throbbed as he attempted to control himself.

"Or you could just return him," Steven threw back.  "Seriously, how many times do you need to be told to back off?"  I smirked.

My father glared at Steven, the heat of his anger reaching us here.  "Mouthy upstart.  You're worse than her pet dragon."  Besedie spat, and steam rose when the gobbet hit.  "How she stands you, I have no idea."

"I can stand them because I like them.  They help me see what the universe is like.  They're outside the narrow Setian view of things."  Old vehemence rose, and I grew angry.  "Mom saw that, and you hated her for it."

"She would have been happy.  You would have been so happy.  The two of you could have had anything."  His plea sounded like barked commands. 

"We just wanted freedom."

Besedie hated that answer.  He yelled with fury, the ground cracking at his feet, smoke swirling around his form.  The breeze died, magic thickening around us.  My father was setting the area to stasis, keeping us from escaping.

The choking sensation of being trapped was too much for Steven.  He grunted, summoning magic of his own.  Colors filled the air, the night singing as it pulsed around him.  Ground swelled near Besedie, rising in a bubbling wall.

My father laughed, striding closer.  Steven's magic was driven back, Order giving stillness to Chaos.  Writhing soil froze, trapped in obscene shapes.  "Child, you should stop that now."

"You can go fuck yourself," Steven retorted, drawing more power to his call.

My heart was throbbing at the pull of diametrically opposed forces.  I'd chosen Balance, but hadn't learned how to use the magic available to me.  Right now, I was still a hostage to both of them.

Besedie narrowed his eyes, sparing a glance for me.  "And you can stay right there."  The air became a prison, forcing me to watch as my father destroyed my best friend.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I rolled to my knees, scrabbling to get out of Rhaelgyr's way.  Only diving through dimensional walls would save me; the dragon could easily follow me with the sticky spray of flame.

Steven grabbed me, pulling me to my feet, tucking me against his side.  Rhaelgyr's roar continued, punctuated by the rush of flame.  Bracing for impact, it took me a couple heartbeats to realize he wasn't aiming for me.

He was aiming for Kurlog.

The big warrior grunted, raising crossed arms to block the flames.  Fire washed around him, landing in odd places, seemingly burning in mid-air.  Heat brought sweat out on my skin, and it was a struggle to breathe.

~Get out of here,~ Rhaelgyr said.  ~I'll hold him off, and find you later.~  A deep hug came with his words, and I didn't question him.  The dragon would be better able to fight if I weren't underfoot.

"Let's go," I whispered to Steven.  Kurlog was already shaking free of dragonfire.  The young Chaos Lord opened us a path, and we stepped away from the battle.

Right into the moonlit hamlet of before.

Most everything was as I'd left it.  The moon hadn't even moved.  But the house we'd gone into lay in rubble, smoking slightly.  "From Kurlog?" I asked, stepping closer.

"I almost got away," Steven said, following me.  Our arms brushed, and my skin pebbled.  "I just wasn't in my right mind.  I'm sorry about that."

I met his eyes.  I didn't know what to say.  He'd been flighty, and crazy, and seemed lucid now.  Which was really him?  Both, probably.  Chaos Lords weren't the most stable of beings.

And I'd snubbed him.  Granted, I was still missing memories.  Things hadn't been smooth between us, but they'd been better than not.  "I'm sorry too," I said.

"I was nuts."  He approached the destroyed cottage.  "I said and did things that didn't need to be done.  I scared you off when you were in a delicate place."  Steven hung his head.  "I was in a delicate place."

"We both seem to have gotten through it."  I closed the gap, laying a hand on his shoulder.

I couldn't be in love with Steven.  Not ever.  I could and did love him.  But like a friend, a student.  Not in any way that would grow deeper.

Rhaelgyr suddenly came to mind.  There was something more than platonic love there.  I couldn't label it, but I could be fairly sure we weren't soulmates.  Having one was rare; replacing one nearly unheard of.  But we could have fun for a while, and find some happiness in each other.

Dimensional walls shimmered, and I focused my thoughts.  Someone was coming, and it didn't feel like Rhaelgyr.

"I knew I'd find you here," Besedie said coldly.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Goat head sketch

I did this charming thing for my friend who has a death metal band.  Just started doodling it while we were bored in our training class.  Kept adding more and more little gross things to it.  Was fun

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The finger and stuff

Oh, so owie.  Swollen, and crunchy, and achy.  Could be worse.

I'm healing well though.  No permanent damage.  Just looks really ugly, and I'm having a hard time using a pen.  Though I'm having an okay time typing, so Morgan will be back Tuesday.

Also watched CopOut.  Pretty decent.  Definitely funny.  And Bruce Willis is still a very good looking man.

I can't look at pictures of the oil spill.  Just thinking about all the dead animals makes me sad.  I remember when the Valdez crashed, and wanting to go clean up all the little animals.  I kinda have the same desire here.  Though, I also want to kill irresponsible assholes.

So far, not a lot coming up.  Time goes, and time does.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interview: Embrace the Shadows

In case you missed it in my post yesterday, I have an interview up at Embrace the Shadows.  Yay me!

I've got another interview coming up next month.  I'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bacon and EtS

You know what's delicious?  Bacon.  I love bacon.  Could eat pounds and pounds of it.

Know what's not delicious?  Second degree burns.

I'm writing this Thursday night.  You're reading this Friday.  (oooh, I'm speaking from the past)  I made bacon, and was saving the grease to make bacon popcorn.  Setting the glass of sizzling grease to the side, I knocked it into the spigot.  My entire right index finger got covered in bacon grease.  A bit of my middle finger got it too.

Needless to say, it was some of the most excruciating pain I've been in.  Three hours later, with burn gel, I'm still having to keep it in ice water.  Expletives cannot describe this.  I've been burned before.  I've got an impressive little scar from a cigarette burn.  But this....this is terrible.  My finger is turning yellow, right by were one of my rings is.  Maybe it's a reaction to silver and grease.

Needless to say, no Morgan today.  So sorry my friends.  Typing the story one handed isn't happening.  I'll be having lots of fun at work, I'm sure.

If you want to keep up with me, stop by Embrace The Shadows to read an interview with me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Elven Rhaelgyr sat in the lair, part of the memory.  Dragon Rhaelgyr was working on Falyra.  The female dragon looked horrible, wasted away.  Even if I didn't know the outcome, I'd know she was dying.

~You can't stay.~  I tugged on his arm, trying to keep him from looking at Falyra.  ~We need you.~

~She was so beautiful,~ he murmured as his memory self nuzzled his love, draping a wing across her.  ~They're disease ruined her, made her body devour itself.~  Falyra whimpered, eyes closed, and I wondered how she endured it.

If there were time, I'd comfort Rhaelgyr through this maudlin introspection.  ~We've got to go.  Now.~  I began digging nails into his arm.  ~I'll make this all up to you somehow.~

~There's no way to.~  His voice dropped, his spirit form losing shape.  He was letting his own persona fade.  This was too dangerous.

I stepped between Rhaelgyr and Falyra.  His form partially strengthened, though he didn't look up at me.  ~Do you think you can save her?~  He shook his head, eyes filling with tears.  ~Then why linger here?~

~Where else should I be?~

I cocked an eyebrow, glaring, projecting all my emotions at him.  Fear, and anger, and frustration, and friendship, and joy, and contentment with him.  It was all there, hammering at his shell of sorrow.  ~With your friend.  Helping her.  Because she's still alive.~

Rhaelgyr looked up, brows drawn together, tears spilling from midnight eyes.  The weight of his tragedy was crushing him, brought out by my father's weapon.  For all his strength, he couldn't break free.

Not on his own.

~Falyra is dead.  Now man up, and fight Kurlog.~

The jibe had its intended affect.  The memory paused around us, and Rhaelgyr rose to his feet.  The tears dried, his lips slowly curling into a snarl.  ~Watch your tongue, Setian.~

~What are you going to do about it?  Whining and moping won't drive me off.  Unless you're hoping to bore me to death.~  I cocked a hip, crossing my arms, trying to keep my sudden fear to myself.

The memory faded entirely, replaced with the resounding echo of his growl.  Rhaelgyr was breaking free of this trap, edging me back into my body as his presence swelled.  His rage grew, like a boiling tide, stinging my mind.

Coming back to my body, I collapsed, wracked by vertigo.  I wasn't in control of my body yet, and my limbs felt distant.  Groaning, I focused on regaining control.

Rhaelgyr continued growling, building to a roar.  I opened my eyes just in time to see him prepare a gout of flame.

I needed to move.  Now.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Steven pulled us Between.  Just a section of void, no buildings, no people, nothing.  It was disconcerting, because there was no u or down, but there was a personal gravity.  "Down" was toward our feet, no matter the angle we stood at.

Rhaelgyr groaned and growled, clawing at the iridescent fluff that comprised this stretch of Between.  Steven stood over the dragon, and I approached the both of them.  "Do you know what's wrong with him?" I asked, kneeling beside the dragon.

"I figured since it was your dad, you'd know."  Steven braced himself, lips pulled back in a snarl.  "Kurlog's going to join us."

Rhaelgyr jerked when I touched him.  "You want to run, or fight?"  The dragon was growing violent, bleeding from where he'd gnashed his lower lip.  His mind was still a riot, not a place I wanted to be.

"I think run until lover boy is up."  Steven's voice rang with confidence.  He still looked like a youth, but he was definitely taking charge.  "I'll carry us.  You get him back on his feet."

Looking up, I met Steven's serious eyes.  He was already summoning the magic need to take us away from here.  Kurlog was raging, his anger echoing through the aether.  There wasn't time for messing around.  I nodded.

Ignoring the vertigo of dimensional travel, I reached for Rhaelgyr's mind.  The pain was horrible, and nearly drove me back.  Sweating, I turned Rhaelgyr over, holding him in my lap.  "You need to come back, baby.  We need you.  I need you."

The dragon stirred, moaning.  His eyes fluttered open, but the pain continued to hold him hostage.  Rhaelgyr couldn't come out on his own.

Meaning I'd have to go in after him.

I pressed deeper, seeking the dragon.  Beyond the pain was a jumble of memories; traumatic moments throughout his life.  Death and loss, and heat-sinking depression.  All together, like they were fresh, tearing at my dragon.

~Rhaelgyr!~ I shouted, opening myself as I looked for him.  Where could his persona be hiding amidst all this?  ~I need you to come back.~

I felt him.  Distant, echoey, but there.  Seeking him in this jumble was rough, especially as his memories tried to pull me into them.  Getting trapped in the mind of a depressive dragon was not appealing.

The scenes flew past as I searched, repeating, growing darker.  I called out to him again, using my emotions to fuel my search, to keep myself shielded again him.

Rhaelgyr called to me, voice soft.  ~Go back.~  Misery followed his words, trying to keep my away.

I wasn't stopping until I had him.  Pressing deeper, following the lines of his thoughts, I noticed his memories were all the same now.  All focused on his lost soulmate.

~You can't stay here,~ I told him.  Falyra flew.  Falyra roared and sang.  Falyra swam, and grew, and looked beautiful.  Beneath the pain, I became aware of his enduring love.  ~This is death, sure as Kurlog coming.~

I found Rhaelgyr watching his soulmate die.  Her piteous whimpers filled the lair, the clan singing somewhere outside.  ~I think I finally want to die.~

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Kurlog laughed, tossing his head back.  He wasn't angry yet; clearly he thought my father was beneath him.  "Can't you just accept she hates you?"  He kept laughing.

Besedie was growing furious, and the room was almost broiling.  "My relationship with my daughter is none of your business.  You are to take care of the whelp and nothing else."

Steven stayed low, making his way to Rhaelgyr and the guard.  ~What are you doing?~ I asked, sitting up.  Things were about to go bad, so I should be ready for it.

~Gonna get lover boy up, if I can.~  His outline seemed to blur, making him really hard to look at.

~Why would you do that?~

Steven paused, meeting my eyes.  ~Because he means something to you.~

What surer sign of love and rationality did I need?  Besedie was all about ruling me.  Steven was helping a rival because I liked the dragon.  Rising, I kept my attention on the arguing men.

"You can give me to her, or I'll just take her."  Kurlog crossed his arms, one eyebrow cocked disdainfully.

"How do you propose to do that?"  Sweat beaded my skin, heat shimmers dancing above the furniture.  "She certainly won't go with you willingly."

Kurlog turned his gaze to me.  "I have my ways."

Magic stirred, nipping at my senses.  In the hot air, it only served to irritate me.  I glared back at Kurlog, fists clenched, guarding against whatever he was up to.

The energy focused on my shoulder.  The old wound ached, and a hint of the parasite wiggled in my veins.  The warrior frowned, thick eyebrows almost touching.  "Where is it?" he murmured.

I laughed, relaxing.  The temperature returned to normal as my father's anger was dispelled.  The guard edged toward Kurlog, unaware of Steven.  The giant warrior just stared, trying to contain his frustration.  "Rhaelgyr took your little pet out of me.  Did you really only just now notice?"

The taunt was too much for Kurlog.  He roared, throwing himself at me.  Besedie tried to physically stop him, and was bowled over.  Nothing was going to stop the brute.

Except me.

I summoned a shield of power, putting an invisible wall between Kurlog and I.  He slammed hard into it, jangling my nerves as his aura interacted with the shield.  It held, and I remained focused.  I even managed a smile.

"Letting you take sexual pleasure from me is nothing.  Even carrying your parasite is nothing."  Kurlog's eyes glowed with his rage.  "You are nothing, and I won't do a single thing you want."

~Morgan, now!~  Steven tugged on me mentally, sharing his plan with me in the time it takes a neuron to spark.

Sneering at Kurlog, I let the awakened human take us all away.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another guest spot, and some movies

Yay, another guest blog.  Huzzah!  Stop by Zahir's Night-Tinted Glasses, and read my short story "Said the rattlesnake".  You should enjoy it.

In other news, I watched a whole bunch of movies this week.

[REC 2] was very good.  Better than the first one.  And both are way better than the American version, Quarantine.  By an extra few minutes of footage, [REC] was so good.  Because it explained what was going on.  Amazing.  [REC 2] makes the camera almost into a character all by itself.  And the ending....oh, how I loved the ending.

Unthinkable was also a movie with a great ending.  Nice and controversial, and makes you think a bit.  Loved how the characters played out.  You're left wondering who the real bad guy is.  At least, if you're like me, you do.

A Single Man was pretty interesting.  Character driven movie, with some very interesting choices made for the cinematography/directing.  The majority of the movie is a little desaturated, until the character was thinking about something that brought him out of his funk; then the colors sigh in, and it becomes vibrant.  It was brilliant.

Doctor Who continues to be awesome.  I loved this weeks episode with Vincent van Gogh.  (On the British schedule, that is.)  It was touching, without being sappy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

The slap was resounding, sending me stumbling back.  I tripped over a low table, falling heavily.  Stars danced in my skull, and my tongue ached where I nipped it.

"Hey now," Kurlog said, voice rumbling in the room.  "Don't go damaging the goods."

"What are you on about?"  My vision was clearing, so I could see Besedie glaring at the big warrior.

Kurlog stepped away from Steven.  "Don't rough her up.  I don't want any marks on my girl."

I stiffened, but remained on the floor.  Better to remain low while they had their conflict.  I could just see Rhaelgyr at the edge of my vision, and his eyes were open.  He remained motionless, so I reached out to his mind.

Pain sent me reeling back.  Rhaelgyr's thoughts were a mash of screams and growls.  Whatever that baton was, it had looked him into a loop where all his nerves were constantly tortured.  There wouldn't be immediate help from him.

Besedie stood over me, fists clenched as the former Chaos Lord came closer.  "That's not the deal."

Kurlog chuckled.  "Neither was fucking your little girl, but I did that anyway."

My father's shoulders hunched, but he kept his glare on Kurlog.  "Temporary charms are not my concern.  You are not taking her."

With a laugh, Kurlog came closer, leaving Steven alone on the floor.  The younger Chaos Lord's eyes opened, meeting mine, and he smiled.  As the older men faced off, Steven reached out with a tendril of telepathy.

~Sorry about this.  I tried keeping him away.~

Steven's mind voice brought a wealth of memories with it.  So studious, quick and observant, he'd been a shining example of humans.  We'd been lovers, tender and sweet, his mortality giving him an unusual zest for life.  ~It's not your fault,~ I told him.  I wanted to care for him again, protect him from Besedie's wrath.

~Kurlog could have killed me.~  Steven stirred, rolling to his back.  The guard paid him no mind, watching his master.  ~He held back, but didn't tell me why.~

~Maybe to trade your life for me,~ I suggested, staring at the warrior as he towered over my father.

"I've been your lackey.  I want a serious reward."  Kurlog was getting angry, his face flushing.

"We can discuss an increase in payment."  Besedie was no longer frustrated or snappy, trying to keep the Chaos Lord calm.  "But Morgan is out of the question."

Kurlog laughed, planting fists on his hips.  "You want her even if she doesn't want you?"

The air became burning hot, searing my throat.  "It's nothing like that," Besedie hissed.  "You will leave now, and take the whelp with you."

So much for calm negotiations.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Steven wasn't dead, just close to it.  Rhaelgyr groaned softly, twitching on the floor.  Kurlog stared at me, blood dripping from his beard.

Besedie took a strand of my hair, twining it between his fingers.  The wounds inflicted by Rhaelgyr slowly closed, though the stains on his robe remained.  "Why did you do this?"

I frowned at the non-sequitur.  It was still hard to breathe, though the headache was fading.  Unable to answer, I jerked my head back.

My father grabbed me by my hair, and threw me into a chair.  "Show some respect.  Do you have any idea what I'd had to go through?  All because you wanted to play with the animals."  Besedie paced away.

"What did you do?"  Kurlog was eyeing me, hungrily, and I sneered at him.  A shame I'd let him get me drunk.

"I did what any concerned father would do: I tried to remove the bad influence."  Besedie removed his robes, standing in simple tunic and breeches.  "Steven wouldn't leave you.  He said over and over how he loved you."

Steven coughed, rolling to his side, though remaining unconscious.  "So everything you just told me?"

"Was based in truth."

I speared my father with a glare.  "Based in, but not actually?"

"He wasn't tractable," Besedie snarled through clenched teeth.  "I gave him almost anything to leave you, to go back to his people.  But he wouldn't.  He thought the universe of you, thought maybe even soulmates."

"Mortals can't mate with Immortals," I said softly.  Memories came back; a tragic scene of explaining it to Steven.  We could be friends, but we'd never have the true love he asked for.  He'd insisted it was possible, that there must be some way, as there'd been a way to make him to make him Immortal.  "Poor child."

Besedie cried out, knocking a chair over.  "Even with your memories gone, you support the animal.  What is wrong with you?  Why do you love him so much?"

His rage was stunning, overwhelming.  I rose from my chair, shoulders back and feet spread, unflinching as he puffed.  The air was heating back up, but breath still frosted.  "Being mortal doesn't make him completely worthless."

A far cry from my reaction to Tessa.  Derision and disgust, as if she were below me.

I paused, staring at my father.  A reaction that had been implanted by him, in hopes I'd change.  "You bastard," I hissed.

Besedie narrowed his eyes, puffing out his chest.  "What now do you think I've done?"

"You erased my memories.  Steven wasn't lying.  There was no accident."  I clenched my fists, stalking closer.  "How could you do that to your own daughter?"

"How can you question me?"  My father slapped me.