Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Sketch

So, there's nothing like coming out of a funk of non-artwork and getting your emotions stomped on to make you stop doing it. 8(

This was the painting I was going to submit to my publisher for the cover image of my book. After I spent hours and hours on it, I was informed they don't do paintings, and wanted a photo manipulation.

Bleargh! I was miffed, because how can anyone look through my galleries and think I did anything but paintings?

So, it took a bit out of me, and I've had no desire to go back to Photoshop. So, I doubt I'll have regular art posts here, but I might put up the occasional one.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Anger rose in me. Rhaelgyr's bite mark stung, something seethed in my collarbone, and the very walls seemed to pulse. I was too incensed to speak, invectives dying on the back of my tongue.

Steven rose from the bed, Chaos magic whispering as his outfit changed. The straps faded into skin as his engorged penis pointed accusingly at me, as scales grew and sprouted. Ears became horns, fingers became talons, and hair became leather spikes. Laughing, he approached me.

"Do you like this better? Lizard, human, elf, none of it matters to me." He took another step, becoming Rhaelgyr in elven form. "Anything to please my little girl."

I stepped back, disgusted and attracted at the same time. "Stop that."

"Why? You like him enough to keep wearing his clothes. You let him mark you, and touch you. Did you even think of me when you slept with him?"

My voice was a low hiss as I stepped into the other room. "I never slept with him."

Steven's nostrils flared, his eyebrows becoming a row of blue spikes. All his color became blue, shiny beneath the lamp light. "I smell another man on you. Not just that hedonistic club. Who did you fuck?" He was sliding into his reptilian form, breath hissing through jagged teeth.

My shoulder seethed again, fresh blood trickling from cracked scabs. "None of your business."

Walls that had only seemed to move before were now actually moving. They wobbled like gelatin, pulsing with some inner life. The lamps grew brighter, hissing as they consumed raw Chaos magic. Steven grew taller, the ceiling rising to accommodate him.

"You are my wife. You will tell me who you've shared your charms with." His voice boomed, rattling the window.

I stood strong in the face of the onslaught. Whatever he might be in my forgotten past, he wasn't my husband. I'd never consented to marry him. Not that marriage meant the same thing to a Setian as it did a Chaos Lord.

Calm passed over me, like the eye of a hurricane. I didn't know what race Steven was, or how we'd met, or why he was enthralled with me. But I could find out, using the weapon ever woman had.

I burst into tears.

"You don't love me. You never loved me. I travelled all over, and I got hurt, and i did whatever I needed to do to find you, and you don't care." Burying my face in my hands, I turned my back on him.

The mood changed instantly. Steven's anger disappeared, dragging the Chaos magic with is. A breeze stirred around me as the cottage returned to normal, and Steven sighed.

"My poppet. My little love." He closed the gap between us, wrapping his arms around me. "Don't cry, precious heart."

"You made me cry." I let the tears subside, but kept my face buried.

He kissed the back of my head, my neck, my right shoulder. He was being very careful not to touch Rhaelgyr's mark. "And I apologize. I've just been so worried for you, and I didn't know where you were." He kissed me again, squeezing me. "To come back to myself and find you've been with someone else..." He paused, mouth hovering over the bite mark. "It was more than I could handle."

I let my hands drop, glancing shyly over my shoulders. Something told me that I'd loved him with a naive heart. The kind of love little girls feel before they learn how the multiverse really works. But I couldn't say that to him right now. Save it until I understood what was really going on.

What I did ask was shy and tentative. "You really forgive me?"

Steven turned me in his arms, claiming a kiss. I allowed it, softening, wrapping my arms around him. It was a nice kiss, a tender apology, and even my mistrustful heart was willing to forgive him.

As his hands slid down my back to pull me into a more passionate kiss, I wondered what it was I needed to forgive.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Joined the Romance Writers of America, and the Fantasy Future & Paranormal chapter. Interesting, to say the least. I've never been part of a guild before. It's really kind of neat, and really makes me feel special. To say the least.

I've started making some banners for link exchanges and stuff. Trying to build up for when the big day comes around.

Which I still don't know about.

haven't heard anything about the cover, either. Maybe I'll have one in time to be in the big ad with my publisher, maybe I won't.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crimson Ink Fight scene blogfest

Go there. Join the blogfest. I sure plan on it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I reeled, gasping at what I'd accomplished. I'd traveled through the dimensions, pulling Steven with me. The power was mine, and I didn't know what it had come from.

And yet I did. Rhaelgyr had driven me to such anger that I'd broken out of my bonds, if only a little. I was someone capable of moving through dimensions on my own.

Not that I had time to wonder and puzzle this out. I had to take care of Steven and myself, get us some place safe.

Steven was slumped to the ground beside me, moaning. We were on a cobbled street, lamps glowing creamy yellow at each intersection. There was no moon, and the air was still. Something about the whole place felt familiar, but I didn't recognize it.

The cobble lane was in the middle of a residential area. Thatch-roofed cottages spread around us, unkempt lawns full of weeds and wildflowers. There were no lights or movement inside, and it seemed we were once again in a lifeless realm.

I stooped to my companion, and he flinched when I touch him. "Come on. We need to get up and get inside." The chill was starting to seep into my skin, and I was less exposed than he was. But would he even feel it past Kapeta's drugs?

He clung to me, petting me, writhing against me. Had I been this bad before Rhaelgyr cleaned me up? I tried not to think of the dragon, and led Steven into the closest house.

A sigh escaped me at the warmth as we entered. The ceiling was low, there were only two rooms, but it was cozy. A fire crackled, and hurricane lamps burned steadily on most flat surfaces, though the light didn't escape the windows.

Steven licked the bite on my shoulder as I led him into the bedroom, and I shivered delightedly. "I fixed this," he mumbled, clinging to me as I tried to get him into the bed. "Why's it back?"

"A friend of ours did it to save me." I flushed, thinking once more of the dragon. I hoped he was all right, and even having a good time.

Steven was licking and kissing the bite, wrapping his hands around my waist. "Let me make it all better for my little love. You don't have to let anyone touch you again."

I jerked back, heart racing, and stared at the drugged Chaos Lord. His words made me uncomfortable, and the touch of his healing ki upset me. I didn't want anyone to just decide I needed to be healed of Rhaelgyr's bite, or that I needed to do anything else I didn't choose to do. "I liked him touching me."

Steven's eyes narrowed, anger suddenly replacing the lazy intoxication. "What do you mean, you like it?"

Indignation rose, a flush spreading across my cheeks. Memories came seeping around the blockage, showing me previous times we'd argued. Steven always telling me what to do, telling me how to think, and who I could be with. "You're worse than my father," I hissed. And knew with certainty that it was true.

He chuckled, lounging on the bed, anger dampened for the moment. "Since you're falling back on that old argument, you must be regaining your memories."

My entire soul lurched at his words. Strangers knew more about me than I did. Rhaelgyr had found the block, and I hadn't wanted to acknowledge it, hadn't wanted to imagine I was anything but the carefree agent of the Gray Lords I thought I was.

I was anything but simple.

"What's your part in all this?" Memories were still locked up, but vague impressions flitted through my conscious mind. Steven wasn't directly responsible, but he was involved with my amnesia.

"So you haven't gotten them all back." Steven stroked his flesh, fingering the leather straps. "I'll tell you all about yourself if you just come to my bed."

I trembled. "What the hell happened to you? You were so nice."

He laughed. "There were a few things I forgot about myself. Being nice was just...well, natural at the time."

"And now you're going to be a dick?" I crossed my arms, staring down my nose at him. Steven nodded, smirking. "I wish Rhaelgyr were here," I spat.

The Chaos Lord's jaw tensed. "You fucking whore."

Monday, January 25, 2010

What a week

Last week was awesome. It rained all week long, and when the clouds finally parted, the mountains around the valley were absolutely coated with snow. It was gorgeous. The air was so clear, and you could see all the way across the valley. Which is like 45 miles in some parts.

It was great. It wasn't depressing weather, despite what my old man complained about, and it was chilly and wonderful and all drizzly, and the vistas after the clouds left were inspirational. I wanted to write pages and pages of description, just because it was so awe inspiring.

We don't get much snow here, so it affects me when we do.

I also got my manuscript back to work on some edits this weekend. That was kind of a strange feeling. It still felt like mine, like MY creation, and yet it already felt different, like it was unleashed on the world. Bwahahahahhaa, my wicked creation is getting ready to devour minds. I can't wait!

Making hand-stitched bookmarks to give away for my book. It's fun, but I definitely need practice at it. Still trying to find a good ribbon and thread combination. The ribbon I have right now is tearing apart my pretty thread. I will get it to work out eventually.

I woke up to a wonderful surprise today. My old man had found a great wall paper of the queen Alien all hissy, and the mouth about to come out. Looks more like a queen than a warrior. Anyway, he snuck on to my pc and set it as my background, just because he knew it would make me smile. I log on, and there's a great big monster. I smiled. The little surprises, the ones that take no effort, are so awesome.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Betrayed By The Gods book review

Another book review for Absolute Write. (Totally awesome place. Very cool people, and awesome topics. You can learn a lot) DavidZahir - was just before me, and Jackie A - is coming up next. Everyone else is at the bottom.


This time, I'm reviewing Betrayed By The Gods.

When I read the blurb, I knew this would be a book to intrigue me. I have a soft spot for people with dark destinies and gods that needs must be defeated.

Cade has come up with a beautiful world that was new, and unique, and yet completely inspired by the mystic history of our world. The characters are understandable, and easy to relate too, and you come to root for them by the end. Their struggles are brutal, and they all suffer loss, and yet they keep going.

I most enjoyed the world building, and that Cade didn't hold you by the hand to explain terms. She would let the reader feel like a part of the world by assuming the reader also knows what everything is. It was very light-handed in that manner, and there was no sense of patronization as can sometimes come with a unique world.

The ending DID leave me feeling bitter, because it's not exactly a happily ever after. But it is a proper ending, and one that goes with the characters. They won't just be happily ever after, and their sacrifice is how they are. So, in that way, it's a perfect ending.

This is also a quick read. Nothing too deep to make you have to think if you're just looking to be entertained. But I think it's more than just a bit of fluff.


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Friday, January 22, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

Rhaelgyr took his hand from my thigh to pull one of Kapeta's slender wrists to his mouth. "There's better things to do to your lap than fall." She chuckled throatily as he nipped at her skin.

"Arsteno is never so charming. Your woman is very lucky." She ran hands through his hair, scratching his scalp. He shivered at her touch, but I felt his revulsion.

"He just doesn't know how to please a woman." Again he nipped at her, revealing his teeth, his presence flaring and pulsing with the music and moans.

~Are you going to be all right?~ I asked, the back of my throat clenching as he shared his disgust.

~I'll manage.~ He was watching Steven be strung up, and the young man being whipped behind him. Anything but Kapeta, even as he was caressing her hip. ~Her mind is horrible, but I will find what she's hiding. Then I will eat her.~

~You like eating people who upset you, don't you?~
I was watching Steven too, trying to dig up the memories that taunted me. It was obvious there was something between the two of us, and other people knew, but they weren't telling. I needed to know.

The young-looking Chaos Lord hung in his straps, panting as one of his handlers stroked his side. I bit my lip, lost in the sight of him completely helpless. I liked the idea of him being in my mercy, and I wanted to watch him bleed. Moaning, I moved forward on the cushions, ignoring what Rhaelgyr and Kapeta were up to.

Rough images and violent lust filled my head, followed by the dragon's mental growl. He showed me Steven mauled and dying as the dragon consumated his lust with me. ~I will not let him have you while you bear my mark.~ Kapeta cried out as Rhaelgyr took his frustration out on her.

~You don't own me.~ Vitriol spread through my thoughts, replacing lust. We'd been fools to come here, as I'd been a fool to trust the dragon. He just wanted to fuck me, to rule me, to own me. Like every other man in my life.

Kapeta was moaning, and I wanked the leash away. Rhaelgyr caught it, cutting himself again. I yanked and tugged, fighting him for it. ~All you're good for is pleasing a man. And you're barely good at that.~ Disgust laced his words, and it was directed at me, not our hostess.

Anger surged, and I tugged harder. ~Just who the hell do you think you are?~ Rhaelgyr couldn't be bothered to turn away from Kapeta to argue with me. It burned that I'd trusted him, that I'd let myself call him friend. But what did I expect from a crature of Chaos?

The dragon let go of the leash, and I stood up hurriedly. ~You're not worth it.~ Then he slammed the connection between us shut.

I reeled, crushed. It actually hurt to be spurned by someone who'd wanted to help me less than an hour again, less than five minutes ago. How could I feel such a sense of betrayal so quickly?

Gritting my teeth to control my rage and my tears, I crossed to Steven. The leather-clad women fondling him moved away, bowing. I wanted to lash out, to hurt them just for being there. I wanted everyone to pay for what they'd done to him, for what had been done to me.

Touching Steven's side, I wondered why I'd come to him. His drugged presence was doing nothing to assuage me, and he was too out of it to open a portal. I was stuck, and alone, and had no channel for this pain.

Magic stirred when I thought of escape. Dimensional walls stretched and twisted. My heart raced as escape neared. An escape I was making.

~Go, quickly,~ Rhaelgyr's voice whispered. It was filled with relief, and joy, and friendship, and a touch of regret.

I turned, and his gaze was locked on Steven and I, even as his hand delved between Kapeta's thighs. My stomach lurched, and I didn't want to leave him.

~Take him and go.~ With a mental kiss, he once more closed the link.

The bite in my shoulder pulsed, and I winked away with Steven.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

"So, you like it?" Kapeta hovered near Rhaelgyr, arms crossed beneath her perky breasts.

I didn't know if I could say like. The scene of torture and sex was not to my taste, but a thrill raced through me anyway. Smoke hung heavy in the air, highlighting the scent of sweat and lust.

While I wasn't enticed by what I saw, Rhaelgyr was. He let me go, growling, and stepped forward. His fist was clenching on the leash, and the dragon pulled me to his side. ~If you get a chance, you must leave.~

~What about you? What about Steven?~

His presence assaulted my mind, forcing into my skull, and I quivered. Kapeta had motioned for drinks, and she was pressing against Rhaelgyr's other side.

~She knows how to please a dragon.~ A whip cracked, and someone cried out. Rhaelgyr purred, his mind surging in mine. He wanted me, unlike earlier, and didn't care how easily he would hurt me. ~If you stay or try to help, you will only fall for this trap.~

I swore under my breath. I was almost clear-headed right now, and the dragon was losing control. If he got wound up in our hostess's games, would I be able to free Steven?

"Come sit down. The new one is still being dressed up, so we might as well get to know one another." Kapeta tugged on Rhaelgyr's arm, and we followed her to a heap of cushions. She pulled the dragon down next to her, and I was obliged to flop down as well.

Rhaelgyr's mind raced with erotic images. He kept thinking of me, kept our mental bond open, kept me aware of just what Kapeta's room was doing to him. I tried to avoid seeing the woman hanging from the ceiling and being cut on, but the dragon's lust showed him playing with me like that.

~You need to stop that,~ I whispered, curling against his side, breathing heavily. I could barely think, certainly couldn't hear Kapeta and Rhaelgyr chatting.

~I'm trying to give you control.~ He could simultaneously talk mentally and psychically, and I was jealous.

~Control? By making me wonder just how bad it would hurt to have your claws in me?~

~On enough of Kapeta's drugs, you would love it.~
He purred again in my mind, lazily reaching back to pet my thigh. ~I'm trying to pull those drugs out of your system. Unfortunately, it means I must be open to you.~

~Take away the intoxication?~

He hissed mentally in disgust as Kapeta stroked his arm and hair, but he smiled for her sake. ~She's up to something, and I want you to be free to escape.~

I kissed his side, letting his fantasies wash over me. ~You're a very good friend,~ I told him.

~Don't say that until I get you out of here.~ Unspoken was his desire to use my flesh to repay him. I chuckled, and flashed him a possibility of us being together. His hand twitched, nails digging into my leg.

I damned whatever drugs Kapeta was pumping into the air. Forcing the attraction upon us sucked. But I guess that's what we deserved for being foolish enough to rush in to a situation we didn't understand.

"Ah, here comes my lovely young man." Kapeta's voice was heavy with lust, and I looked up.

Steven was being led in on a leather leash. His wrists were bound together in front of him, and a bit filled his mouth. His hair was slicked back from his flushed face. His eyes were glassy, and he stumbled across the floor. He wore only an awkward rig of leather straps, his manhood bound tight to his belly.

I stared, mouth agape, and felt something stir in the back of my head. It was Rhaelgyr, but a memory. Dark nights alone with Steven. Stolen moments together. And a painful betrayal.

"He's lovely. He looks so natural like that." Rhaelgyr was jealous, and he stroked my thigh possessively. "Where did you find such a specimen?"

"He fell into my lap. Much like you two." I snapped my head around to glare at Kapeta, heart racing. What did she mean by that?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Book of Fallout

I mean, Book of Eli. Even from the original previews, I knew this was going to be a giant Fallout quest. And it was. It was good, and fun, and wasn't preachy. Sure, there was a bible, and it had moments of Christianity, but it was more of a side thing. It's not what the movie was about. Sure, there were a few quibbles with the twist, but I still totally enjoyed it.

Also saw Riding the Bullet, which was this dvd movie I got off Netflix. It was neat, trippy, and kinda twisted. I can't recall the Stephen King short story it's based on, but this was a good watch.

Just finished watching Law-Abiding Citizen. I liked most of it, though some parts were kind of angering. The plot holes in it were there because it was the only way to get the story told they writers wanted it done. And they were pretty glaring plot holes. Like why the fuck weren't the feds all over Gerard Butler's character?

The justice system was portrayed fairly realistically, in that it's totally broken and needs help. You see them trying to do anything they can to beat him, up to and including violating his civil rights and making shit up to get homeland involved. That part is quite angering. But the movie was still neat to watch.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Blog Chain

Ah, the first blog chain of the year. Running a little behind, but I'm getting it up. 8P

Lindsay Currie went before me, and Forbidden Snowflake will be next.

Our theme this month is Guilty Pleasures. I like this topic, mostly because I have no guilty pleasures. o,.,o Well, none I'm guilty about.

I like everything I do. I wouldn't do them if I didn't like them. But there a couple that distract me from things I should be doing. Like playing WoW and watching movies.

World of Warcraft gives me and my fiance something to do together. He's way more into it than me, but we have fun together. I have no need to get uber and psycho about it, but it's still a good release, and there's much I can do with it. I like my hunter, and his snake.

I also LOVE movies. Can't express enough how much I like movies. They're so awesome, when done right. Sucky movies are just plain upsetting. But the good ones are like being teleported to a special place, and it magical.

So yeah, those are my "guilty" pleasures. Aren't I a stinker?

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

"I apologize for Arsteno. We get so few dragons in here that he forgets himself." She bowed. People were slowly returning to their own pursuits, but the three of us were still the center of attention.

"Apology accepted. Our clans aren't exactly known to get along, so a fight was inevitable." Rhaelgyr bowed, and I bowed with him. Dizzyness stole over me, and I nearly collapsed. The dragon held me upright, and I whimpered softly.

"Is she all right>" the woman asked, voice deepening with concern.

Rhaelgyr tried to play it off with a laugh. "Oh yes. Remarking her is a little overwhelming so soon after her first mark." I tried to laugh, and blush, acting like the shy lover.

~Not too much. I like you bold.~ His hand pressed into the small of my back, and I had the sensation of him sniffing me.

"I'm glad she is unharmed. Arsteno gets a little over-zealous at times." We all laughed. "Allow me to invite you to my private rooms. I just acquired some new entertainment that should assuage you."

She looked at us with mossy green eyes, and I was certain she was related to the dryads. There was something covetous in her gaze, and it disturbed me. ~I don't like her,~ I told the dragon.

~Neither do I, but she's talking about Steven.~

I turned to look at Rhaelgyr, face lighting up. "That sounds great. Please, let's go." No amount of trepidation should stop me from getting close to that Chaos Lord.

"If that's what my lady really wishes." He traced the bite on my shoulder, setting nerves a-tingle. ~It's going to get worse for us. I can smell all manner of intoxicants on her~ His hand trembled. ~We're going much deeper than I expected we would.~

"We'd love to come," I said, turning to face our hostess. "I'm Morgan, and this is Rhaelgyr." I offered my hand for a shake, and she stared at it. Obviously not used to that custom.

Rhaelgyr chuckled, and pulled my hand back. His nails were still long and sharp, and he dug them into my wrist. I shivered, biting the inside of my lip. "Don't be strange to our hostess." He nodded to her. "After you."

She bowed, hair swaying around her slender form. "I am Kapeta. This is my den." She turned on the ball of her foot, and lead us to a hidden set of stairs.

~How do you know Steven's up here?~ I remained in his arms, rubbing against him. My nerves were singing as he moved, leather and silk stroking and pinching me. There was a chill in the air as we climbed, and a strong smell. I wondered if it was from the intoxicants Rhaelgyr mentioned.

~She thought about him. Thought about how great you and he would look together while I chewed on you both.~

~That's pretty detailed,~ I whispered, trying to keep the image at bay. It had to be the drugs making me this bad.

~She projects. A lot. Right now, she's wondering what you taste like.~ He growled softly, but Kapeta didn't hear. ~She doesn't get to touch you.~

This was more than defensive; this was outright ownership he was expressing. I wanted to know what was going on. ~Does this bite do anything to you?~

~What do you mean?~ We were nearing the top of the stairs, and Kapeta awaited us on the landing.

~You're acting like I'm your girlfriend, not like you're protecting me.~

Rhaelgyr's hand slid from the small of my back to my ass. ~It marks you as mine. I protect what's mine.~



~Are we going to end up having sex?~
I tried to be humorous, but my knees buckled at the idea of Rhaelgyr mounting me.

~If we stay here, most likely.~

Even my mental voice was breathless. ~If Tessa had been with us?~

We reached the landing, and he turned to face me. Leaning in to take a kiss, mostly for show, the dragon forced my mouth open to his forked tongue. ~I would have lost control and eaten her.~

Kapeta waited for us to finish, then opened the door with a flourish. "Welcome to my little dungeon."

"Oh, great powers," Rhaelgyr whispered, staring at the tableaux. I had to agree with him.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Movies: Daybreakers and Botched

I was keeping a separate blog for movies, but decided to scrap it. As much as I love movies, I'm not a reviewer type person. If I really like or hate something, I might expound upon it. Otherwise, I just give it yay or nay.

So, I watched a bunch of movies this last ten days or so.

Daybreakers was one I've been looking forward to. I love vampire movies, and this one looked kinda neat. Unfortunately, it was kinda lame. Like, pretty lame. Had some very cool concepts, and some great visuals, but failed on many many things. Especially the end. Might have made a great novel, with several hundred pages to really explore what was going on.

Up was pretty damn cool. The animation was lovely, and the story was very touching. I was laughing, and enjoying myself, and even got teary eyed. And laughed and laughed and laughed.

Botched was a random choice from Netflix. The concept sounded neat, and it was. I laughed, and I was caught by surprise, and there was a hawt viking looking guy. Leather and fur, blood, braided blond hair and great blue eyes.....oooh, it touched all my squishy parts. And it was gory, and just neat, and the story was a little trippy.

Lucky also came from Netflix. I thought a talking dog telling an out of work writer to kill people was neat. It was fail. I couldn't get into his pseudo-existential bullshit, and had to turn it off. Blech.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Every time I start to become more balanced about my book (not to say blase...never blase), something comes along to renew my bobblehead excitement.

Tonight, I got my ISBNs. As the title suggests. 8P

*bounces off walls*

It's real. It's official. It's happening. There's no going back, and it's not some weird prank. I'm an author.

*giggles and wiggles and dances*

*does an ISBN dance*

Now, I'm sure when I get the second one published (uber-optimist now!) I won't be quite as excited about something as simple as an ISBN. But tonight, for right now, this is just one more thing to cement how awesome this whole thing is. Those little numbers make this so complete, and that pleases me.

*continues happy dancing*

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

I struggled, whimpering, but Rhaelgyr just held me tight. The red's tongue was rough and forked, and it made my skin crawl, and my gorge rise. My scream died off, and I tried to reach Rhaelgy's mind.

Passion surged between us, my body clenching as the dragon kept biting and feeding on me. He was lost in the moment, clawing at my bare arms, drawing blood. It was almost enough to make me forge the red trying to join in the fun.

Then the other dragon touched my thigh.

~Get him off me!~ I shouted, pressing myself further into Rhaelgyr. He finally heard me, broke out of his little trance, and took us back a step. he continued to bite on my shoulder, his growl rising. I shook and shuddered, pleased ot be away from the other dragon, but starting to want the bite to end.

The red dragon made a show of licking his lips, eyes tracing my figure. "That's a delicious toy you have."

Rhaelgyr snapped then. Throwing me to one side, he lunged for the other dragon. I cried out, dizzy, and watched as claws flashed and snarls rose. People stepped back, avoiding the fight, not wanting to get thrashed themselves. I just bled out, unable to even sit up.

The red dragon was laughing, not taking Rhaelgyr serious. My dragon was changing, gaining scales and claws, ruining his nice clothes. He hissed, teeth bloddy, slashing at the red's face. Blood flew, taking the laughter right out of him.

They snarled and clattered, biting and tearing at each other. The floor thudded as they stomped, and someone screamed as the dragons moved towards the crowd. Neither blew flames, nor fully transformed, and for that I was grateful.

Three big ogres came through the crowd, holding heavy batons. I gave a mental warning, and Rhaelgyr threw the red aside, coming immediately to me. It was amazing how quickly the fight was over.

"Just what is going on here?" a woman asked. Rhaelgyr lifted me to my feet, keeping an arm around my waist. My shoulder throbbed, still bleeding, and my legs trembled. "Well?" asked the tiny woman who came out of the crowd.

"He attacked me," the brawler complained. The green woman looked ludicrously small next to him, and I still stifled a giggle.

She was delicate, naked, with hair that trailed on the floor behind her. Crossing tiny arms, she glared at Rhaelgyr and I.

"He attempted to have my woman without permission," the dragon said. He'd turned back to normal, though still bloody and disheveled. "Then he insulted her."

She sighed. "Arsteno, is this true?"

"I was just licking her." The red, Arsteno, looked chagrined.

"Did you ask him first?" Arsteno shook his head. "Did you notice she's not a pet?" Again, he shook his head. "Then you are at fault. Go upstairs and wait for me while I make up for your foolishness."

The big dragon wandered off, head bowed, and I stared in amazement. Rhaelgyr kept me up, and I let him hold me. It felt good to be in his arms.

~Just the venom. I apologize, but you will go back to normal, given time.~ Rhaelgyr sounded contrite, but there was still lust in his thoughts.

~What's this about pets and your woman?~ That was more important than anything I was feeling right now.

~All the pets are marked. Look at their forheads.~ I saw the sigil marked on a majority of the crowd. ~I only found out once we got here. Meaning you're safe unless I consent.~

~Don't give your consent,~ I plead, watching the little green woman approach.

Rhaelgyr turned to sniff my hair, and he purred. I didn't know elven vocal chords were capable of purring. ~Until that mark heals, you are mine.~

I laughed in our heads. ~What a sweet talked you are.~ Then it was time to deal with the woman.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Working out the plots of a couple other books I plan on writing, I realized just how heavily a part dreams play in my books. In Keila book 3 (still thinking of a series name, though may just call it Keila stuff), that's the way she and Varick communicate. In the rough draft I'm doing right now, the main character has visions, and she knew of the dark man she falls in love with. Similar thing with the other outline I have done up right now, though she has active dreams of him because they met when she was a child.

I like dreams. I like using them because they're a great way to do things. You can break rules of physics and realities in dreams. You can let the character know something, then take it all away. They're just fun.

Some of that may come from how important dreams are in my real life. When I was a wee little kid, I shared several dreams with my old man. We shared dreams while he was locked up.

Dreams are also where I get some of my inspiration. So dreams will become important to my characters, in one way or another.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Morgan chronicles

~Get on your knees,~ he said, tugging on the leash. There was a
hint of fear in his presence, and I knew he expected the other dragon
to fight. ~Start cleaning my wounds.~

I fell to my knees, eyes darting between Steven in his bonds, and the
big brawler staring at us. Dabbing at Rhaelgyr's hand, I tried to
avoid the barbs. ~With your mouth,~ he hissed.

Shivering, I opened my lips over one gouge. His blood filled my
mouth, overwhelming my senses. I groaned, eyes closing, clutching at
his wrist. Rhaelgyr trembled, growling in the back of my head. My
blood chilled, and my skin crawled. Pleasantly.

~He's approaching. Bite me, tear at me.~

My throat clenched, and I wanted to, desperately. But he still had
the leash in his hand, and I was too sober to want to cut myself on
it. Rhaelgyr felt my distress, and moved the barb wire. Turning his
bloody palm to me, I bit with relish.

Rhaelgyr gasped, and his aura pulsed. Everyone in the immediate
vicinity turned our way. I kept my eyes open as I sucked and bit at
the dragon, watching the rival draw nearer.

The other dragon had taken a mixed form. He was humanoid, with
recognizable features, but he was very draconic. Horns curled up from
his mane of hair, soft red scales covered his body, and a tail lashed
behind him. He had no wings, but he did have massive talons on his
feet, much shorter ones on his hands.

And his glassy red eyes were all for me.

I slowed down. My tongue trailed along every gouge, taking up the
dried blood. I bit savagely at one of the bigger wounds, pulling hard
on the skin, making Rhaelgyr growl again. Only those locked in place,
or too intent on their intercourse, weren't watching us.

Sharp nails slowly morphed and extended into sharp-tipped talons.
Without being told, I started felating his claws, taking his index
finger deep into my mouth. The dragon stiffened, growling at his
rival. Yet his attention was on me.

~He's not backing down. I'll need to mark you.~

My tongue flicked along the inside curve of the talon. ~"I don't
think anything will hurt too much right now.~

~I don't think I care.~ The dangerous edge was back, making me
realize how stupid this was. Playing around with a drugged and
aroused dragon was a sure means to get hurt.

~Stick your tongue out.~ As soon as I did, he sliced the tip. The
wound was shallow, but immediately stung blood welling slowly. The
red dragon was a few paces away, his own aura rubbing against
Rhaelgyr's. We were putting on a hell of show, attracting more and
more attention.

He pulled me to my feet by the leash, grabbing my ponytail. He
yanked me into a hard kiss, and I wilted. Rhaelgyr was growling
harder, sucking at my tongue, razor sharp teeth against my lips. His
tongue darted into my mouth, stiff and strange, and I liked it.

Rhaelgyr spun me around, pulling me against him. I faced the bigger
dragon, trembling at the breath stirring against my bare neck. The
leash dug into my arm, poking at the back of my corset. Rhaelgyr
finished winding it around me, pinning my arms.

~This will hurt,~ he warned, mouth bending to my left shoulder.
~You absolutely must scream.~

I stiffened as he opened his lips. That reptilian tongue stroked my
flesh, bringing my nerves to attention. Then he bit down with a
vicious growl.

A scream would have been impossible to withhold. It came sharp and
quick, echoing in the room. I sagged, and Rhaelgyr held me up,
increasing the bite. ~This makes you mine until the wound heals.~ Desire laced his words, and they eased my pain. My voice caught, and burning ache turned to rapturous tingle. ~That's just my venom. It might hurt again when I let go.~

I couldn't think, couldn't care. I wanted Rhaelgyr to ravage me, to
finish off what his bite was promising. Even as I wanted it, I hated
myself for being so loose; two men in one day wasn't my style.

Blood trickled down my chest, and I suddenly felt another mouth on me.
My eyes fluttered open, and I saw the big brawler lapping at my blood.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's really real

It hit me today. This is not some game in my head, or some weird fantasy I'm playing with. I'm a published writer. I've written a book, and it's going to be on a site, and I will eventually get some kind of pittance from it...I'm starting the dream.

I don't know where this is going to go. I know where I'd love for it to go, but I still have so much in front of me. The future isn't written yet, and that makes me smile. It means I can be taken by surprise, and just blindsided by things like sudden success.

Because once I settled in to make a go of this, I didn't struggle as long as others have. It wasn't a ten year fight, or rejection after rejection. Maybe that's going to mean I haven't worked as hard, and that somehow I'll pay for that later, but I won't complain about the present.

I won't ruin this joy by contemplating bad things in the future. I'm going to simply focus on the future, and keep growing, and become better. I will earn this wonderful gift I've been given.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kitty's House of Horrors

I picked this up yesterday, and read it in about five hours. It's the fastest I've read a Kitty book yet.

And this was my favorite. It's brutal, and a little dark, and kicks much ass. I loved it.

I even found myself more excited about a fictional character than any of my co-workers. That probably makes me a little weird, but so be it. Cormac is an awesome character, and I'm really happy about what's going on with him. It helps that I've had very personal dealings with prison and convicts, so it touches me deeply.

On another note, I'm trying to research how to work this whole marketing thing. It seems so strange to me, but I am going to endeavor the best I can. All in the name of being a published writer.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

We pushed through the doors, Rhaelgyr unleashing his aura just enough
to blaze a trail through the wall of flesh. Moans reached my ears,
heat caressed my skin, and arousal flooded me. I wasn't empathic,
wasn't normally affected by the emotions of others, but this was
undeniable. I tried to keep focused, tried to ignore the displays all
around me, but it was a losing battle.

Rhaelgyr pulled me to his side, pulling us into a nook, wrapping his
arms around my shoulders. The play of silk across my skin made me
moan, and I stared adoringly at him. I wanted to know what it felt
like to kiss a sharp mouth, to wrestle with that forked tongue.

~It's a drug in the air,~ the dragon told me. I writhed against
him, petting strong muscles beneath his shirt. He held still, but his
eyes bored into my skull. ~It heightens the senses, lowers the
inhibitions, makes everything feel good.~ He wound the leash around
his other hand, creating new wounds.

Smirking, intoxicated, I licked at the blood, and relished
the flavor. He was so dark and rich, decadent and compelling. I
wanted more, and darted for his hand, disregarding the barbed wire.

~Morgan, don't!~ he snapped, slamming me against the wall, grabbing
my neck just below the collar. "Behave yourself," he growled. The
sound rumbled between us, drawing all my attention to his face.
Rhaelgyr's eyes were dangerous, his nails pricking my skin.

The pain in the back of my skull helped me focus, helped me beat back
the arousal. "I'm sorry," I whispered, drawing deep breaths.

"It's not your fault," he said, leaning into my face. I swallowed
hard, trying to control my reactions, but desperately wanting to kiss
him. "You're supposed to lose yourself here."

"Is the drug affecting you?"

Midnight blue eyes were rock hard as they captured my gaze. Rhaelgyr
pinned me against the wall, the tips of his forked tongue peeking out
between flushed lips. "Very much so. Enough to make me stop caring
how delicate you are." Nail's dug deeper into my neck, wringing a
gasp from me. Rapid fire images came at me; lots of blood, lots of
teeth, and lots of ecstasy. I knew that could be me, and I almost
gave in.

"Just take me to Steven," I said in a strangled voice.

Rhaelgyr kept me pinned to the wall, pressed against me, spiritually
looming over me. He wanted to ravage me. I wanted to ravage him, to
be ravaged by him. Some foolish part of me wanted to feel the pain he
could inflict, just to know if it was as bad as he said.

The dragon pushed away, disappointing us both. He yanked savagely on
the leash, and I stumbled. A few elves were watching us, clearly
intrigued. Rhaelgyr kept his eyes straight ahead, dragging me
heedlessly through the crowd.

~Slow down,~ I protested, clutching at the wire, narrowly avoiding the barbs.

~He's close,~ Rhaelgyr's voice had deepened, was sliding into a
language I didn't speak. His entire personality was darker, sharper.
It was becoming painful to brush against, but I didn't pull away.

The dragon obliged on the speed, but kept his unconcerned march.
People took note of us, heads turning, murmurs following in our wake.
Now that I wasn't stumbling, I tried to be proud, tried to act like
the pet of a prince.

~So are you one?~ I asked, keeping my eyes off a small orgy to our
left. The drugs wanted me to join in, wanted me to lick all that
sweaty flesh.

~One what?~ Rhaelgyr was surprised by the question, and it helped
break him from the sex. He focused on me, on the question, and the
danger ebbed. A little.

~A prince.~

He chuckled. ~Yes I am. My mother rules our clan, and my brother is
next in line.~

~So what are you doing out here?~

Rhaelgyr didn't get a chance to answer. He stopped, and I barely kept
from running into him. I glanced around his shoulder, and saw Steven.
My mood brightened, and I felt success at hand.

Then I realized Rhaelgyr was staring at the other dragon

Friday, January 1, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

First post of the year!!! Happy New Year everyone.


If the sight of the troll market had left me stunned, this place had me reeling.

Whomever owned the building had access to technology. Loud music
pounded through speakers, the bass thudding in my chest. Scantily
dressed people danced and writhed on a sunken floor. Stairs swept
around the edges, heading up to various levels. Lights pulsed, smoke
filled the air, and a chill breeze tried to work the crowd.

I realized this club was in a different dimension, not just stuck in
Between. The barriers here were so thin that I hadn't felt the
shift. The entire toll market was built at a convergence of
dimensions. In a corner between worlds, as it were. No wonder there
were so many races present, why it was so busy.

~Steven's upstairs, but I can't pinpoint him from here.~ Rhaelgyr
took some slack out of the leash, keeping me close. We were in a
foyer, and people were mostly just passing by, but there were already
covetous glances trailing over us. Did people want us because we were
new, or did we really form that good-looking a couple?

~So let's make our way there.~ I turned to head up the stairs to
our left, and was brought up short by the leash. Glaring over my
shoulder, I met Rhaelgyr's nearly black eyes. ~What's the hold up?~

Telepathy was great; we'd have never heard each other over the driving rhythms

~It's going to be more intense the higher we go.~

~So? You already said you'd protect me.~ I trusted him implicitly,
my instincts vouching for him.

~There's at least one other dragon up there. Another male. I
might have to prove you belong to me.~ He fed me an image of two big
dragons fighting while a female watched. ~You're not a dragon, so it
shouldn't get to that.~

~Just as long as he doesn't think I'm up for grabs, he won't move,~
I extrapolated.

~If he does, I will be forced to mark you.~ Rhaelgyr touched my
collarbone with his leash hand, smearing some of his blood on my skin.

~Let's hope he doesn't then.~ I wasn't looking forward to any
draconic shows of affection.

Rhaelgyr nodded, then led me up the stairs. People leaned against the
railing, watching the dancers. I started to watch too, but the first
grope I suffered changed my kind. I kept my eyes on the crowd, my
hands on the dragon's hips.

The noise of the dance floor plunged as we reached the first landing.
Conversations could be heard over the music, and the clank and clatter
of dishes sounded. I saw diners enjoying themselves, some with pets
eating beside them, some of the pets engaged in various forms of

My pulse jumped as I reacted to the sights. I was here to do a job,
but the eroticism was undeniable. Licking my lips, I tore my gaze
away. My hands were fluttering on Rhaelgyr's body, and he took one in
his free hand. ~He's on the next floor. One of the active floors.~

Active, as opposed to this dining room. Meaning more sex, less
observation. The level where others might start approaching us.
~And the dragon?~

~He is at the top level. We won't encounter him by accident.~
Rhaelgyr gave my hand a squeeze, and we started climbing again. No
one leaned on the railings here; people were either coming or going.
It took very little time for us to reach the next landing, and the
doors that opened off it.

Trepidation attacked me. After I'd already let Rhaelgyr change my
clothes, and leash me, after we'd climbed two stories, after the
dragon had warned me Steven might change hands, I was getting nervous
about this. Had I been borrowing bravado from the dragon? Was common
sense finally slapping me around?

I didn't know and didn't care. The answer to a lot of questions was
beyond those doors. There was no turning back now.

If there ever had been a place to turn around.