Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Humans are weird

So, I read a little article about this island near Australia where the sea birds were in danger from all the non-native species. So, to protect the birds from predation, people removed all the feral cats.

Now the rabbits are breeding unchecked, and eating all the vegetation so the birds have no place to live.

The people in charge even said they thought it would be better to get rid of the rabbits first.

It makes me laugh, because Australia protected the sharks because otherwise they ate all the seals, and that made the fishing worse. So, someone somewhere knew that you kill the prey before the predators.

But, this group just didn't want to pay attention. And humans make me laugh like that. Silly humans loving all the fluffy cute things, and not paying actually attention.

Of course, I like predators much better than fluffy things. And I feel bad for the sea birds. They didn't do anything to deserve all these random animals getting off boats.

Again, humans are silly.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My is so slack

I am. Totally slack. I haven't done much of anything with my blogs, let alone with my art. I've been working on my writing, and I'm pretty much ready to start submitting my novel. I rule!

Well, not really.

So, it being a new year, I'm going to work on actually keeping up on everything. I swear. I mean it. Really.

Maybe. 8D